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    In an effort to provide better support to both you and your customers, the Optimize sales and marketing team has put together a digital resource folder where important product information can be viewed, downloaded, and used to enhance many different sales channels and platforms.

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  • Higgins Analytical Higgins Analytical — expert manufacturer of HPLC Columns, Cartridges, and Separations Consumables.

  • The Chemistry of Chromatography

    What is Vaplock from Western Fluids?
    Vaplock is .... vapor & spill control for laboratory solvents. Follow this link to the PDF.
    (Requires Adobe PDF Reader ... available here free of charge. If you don't want Macafee, make sure it doesn't have a check mark in the box in the lower left-hand corner.)

  • Or how about the Nanobaume. Designed to accommodate empty fused silica or PEEKsil columns of less than 1/32" in outer diameter, the Nanobaume is a compact 316 stainless steel unit built to pack tubing with a silica bed at high pressure.